About Us

In a little over a decade’s time Enlighten International Education has become an institution to reckon with. As the founder of this institution, I cannot be happier than what I feel today. We have taken a long stride from a nondescript organization to an organization that matters in leading the market by setting examples.

Today, we have sent students to all major destinations of the world from Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, New Zealand, India to the USA. We have thousands of success stories comparable to the best in the industry.

I am firm that this trend of success will continue at even faster pace in times to come because we are enthused by the fantastic work we have done. Our team has worked day in and day out to make this happen and is expected to do the same. Therefore, I brim with fervor that in a couple of years now we will be on the top of the line.

 Deepak Raj Bhusal